A Hot Debut Single By The Night Runners

Miami natives, Richard Mason and Laz, have teamed up to create the band The Night Runners. The duo was first seen in 2011, on the music competition show, X Factor, season one in the USA. Together, the guys bring a nice Miami nightlife-influenced dance style to their music.

Talented, handsome, and stylish, this fashionable duo is turning heads and making dance fans everywhere happy. Their debut single is coincidentally titled “Single,” and it has a nice synth pop sound to it, along with a fun catchy chrous. Currently, on the duo’s official website, you can get a free download of the song just by signing up for their fan club newsletter. So get it for free while the offer lasts, by visiting www.thenightrunnersmusic.com.  You can also follow these guys on social media sites, such as Facebook at www.facebook.com/thenightrunnersmusic, Twitter at www.twitter.com/thenightrunners, Instagram at www.instagram.com/nightrunners, and Soundcloud at www.soundcloud.com/thenightrunners.

According to their website, the guys are planning to release their debut album in October. Despite not meeting their intended goal on the fundraising site Kickstarter, let’s hope the album gets completed and released as originally planned. Had I known about the campaign before it expired, I would have made my own donation, which I am sure is the case for a lot of us who are just now hearing the debut music of The Night Runners. So to show my support, I am taking the initiative to write this article and introduce the duo to dance music fans all around the world. Please take a moment to check out their music and videos, and spread the word so we can make The Night Runners a household name. Cheers to years of success, guys!


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  1. congrats nightrunners!!! i loved ur vid…..i m going to listen until i memorize the words….my son already knows the song….give us more!!!!!

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