100 Percent Pure Crystal

I have always been a fan of Crystal Waters’ music. In fact, I can still remember when her debut single first hit the airwaves in the US. “Gypsy Woman (She’s Homeless)” was an instant addiction. I can remember dancing to it in my bedroom, before I was old enough to hit the dance clubs. It wasn’t until her next big smash, “100% Pure Love,” that I got the pleasure of hearing her music banging out from speakers on an actual dancefloor. What pure fond memories!

I had the pleasure of meeting Crystal in 2012 at Atlanta’s Annual Gay Pride weekend event. Crystal performed some of her biggest hits, and after her performance I was able to catch a quick snapshot with her and some of my friends. She was gracious and looking stellar as ever! Since then, I have been gazing into my “crystal ball” hoping to catch her perform again, and hoping for another album of all new material.

After her third studio album, I always wondered why we never got another full length album from the talented Ms. Waters. Not for lack of music, as she continued to record and release new material. For the past decade, most of her work has been in the form of collaborations with various musicians and producers in the dance music industry. Some of the names she has worked with include Stonebridge, Alex Gaudino, Sted-E, Hybrid Heights, Sunseeker, Speakerbox, Dutch, Nicola Fasano, Steve Forest, Bellani & Spada, Yolanda Be Cool, Inaya Day Allstars, Chris Cox, DJ Frankie, Armand Pena, Harry Romero, Alex Alicea, David Tort, Nick Marsh, David Morales, The Bad Yard Club, and Murk. I only recently found out that there were more singles to her collection that I was even aware of. To add further happiness to my dancing shoes, turns out some of her music has even been re-issued and remixed.

Some of my favorite remixes by Crystal include “Gypsy Woman (She’s Homeless)” remixed by Safety First, “100% Pure Love” remixed by Magnit & Slider, “What I Need” remixed by David Morales, “Relax” remixed by Lorimer Vission, “The Boy From Ipanema” remixed by Mutrans, “Say… If You Feel Alright” remixed by 95 North, “Just A Freak” remixed by Hex Hector, “Come On Down” remixed by White Label, “Nights In Egypt” remixed by Lenny Fontana, “My Time” remixed by Scumfrog, “Destination Calabria” remixed by Nari & Milani, “Dancefloor” remixed by Soulshaker, “Never Enough” remixed by Harlem Hustlers, “When People Come Together” remixed by Greg Cerrone, “Say Yeah” remixed by Fred Pellichero, “Le Bump” remixed by Jad Desenchanntee vs. Antranig, “Masquerade” remixed by Jump Smokers, “Long Day” remixed by Stonebridge, “Love I Call My Own” remixed by Chriss Ortega, “Oh Mama Hey” remixed by Stonebridge, “Blow” remixed by Keylow, “Be Kind” remixed by Stonebridge, “Let Me Be The One” remixed by David Tort & Corey James, and her latest single “Synergy” remixed by Stonebridge.

Crystal does not disappoint. She is 100% pure dance genius. Take a listen to her latest single with Sted-E and Hybrid Heights below. It’s a club banger!


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